Mormon Leaks

WordPress Development

Geoff Uyleman


feb 04, 2020


Website development, graphic design and UX

Website architecture

Verify site back-up and restore function works correctly and make a backup.
Remove unused plugins and bloatware
Update WordPress
Update plugins
Remove Pagelines (yes/ no?)
Verify functioning website.
Make a new back-up

Redesign homepage (without pagelines)
basic improvements
add donations button
Remove double slider
Remove empty spaces
Add logo
Cost: $500 paid when completed and when reviewed in milestone meeting.

Slider improvements

Slider: consistency, speed, faster and more smooth navigation
improve ux: navigation through the slide deck (index needed?)
text in the slides and footnotes should be searchable and linkable. Right now we have pictures of slides.
Move footnote page transitions in separate window below the slide.
digital book experience see example:
Cost: $500 paid when completed and when reviewed in milestone meeting
Time duration: 4 weeks

Search Engine Optimization

«SEO Ready» structure and comprehensive design giving us better search results and user engagement.
Design of interfaces with a new look and feel of all sections.
Develop a new branding, a logo for internet presence.
Correct the URLs to make them more user friendly and searchable.
We would make a new structure of the contents so that they are linked correctly.
Add images to the «News» posts to make them more attractive.
Improve the content structure to be acquired efficiently by users.
maintain a «community» among users–Facebook engagement.
Structure of links
Current URLs show «thin content» or low quality content
Allow the content to be read correctly by search engines and highlights the content.
change the content structure of the pages and make more reference to the content.
change pages names (H1 titles) for the real and more «friendly» names.
change the URLs with the same names.

Episode 04 – MormonLeaks ›library› episode-04
The Gold Bible Company – MormonLeaks ›library› the-gold-bible-company
a graphic «brand» that projects the authority with which the contents are posted.
The structure of the homepage and pages require first to show «the most important», so that users know that the web can respond to their searches.
Cost: $500 paid when completed and when reviewed in milestone meeting
Time duration: 4 weeks